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  1. Real Geeks Review

    Real Geeks is amazing! I have been a customer for over a year now and received over 1000 leads in a small market of only 40000 people. Trust the system, get your google and facebook ads going and you will see amazing results.

  2. Excellent, Customers love it, I love it also

  3. Absolutely Love This Company!!!

    My Real Geeks website is the best website I’ve ever had! I’ve used Word Press Themes, have had websites custom built from scratch, bought other big box templates and this is about website number 6 for me. The ease of use, amazing support, excellent SEO features, and full CRM on the back end that integrates seamlessly with the website is simply an amazing all in one tool. I’ve never found one better and they constantly improve and keep adding great features to stay super current. Just can’t say a single negative thing about Real Geeks and I feel incredibly fortunate to have chosen them for my website and CRM platform!

  4. Best all -in -one solution real geeks

    I’ve been using The Internet to prospect for buyers and sellers since I first got licensed -15 years ago. I’ve tried just about every sort of technology , IDX, CRM and combination . Real Geeks is the best all in solution out there & -looking forward to their future enhancements-I’m sure they’ll be killer!

  5. Great Real Estate Website And Lead Capture System

    We signed up with Reel Geeks several years ago. It is the best investment that we ever made in our real estate business. They have all the tools that you need to capture leads from the internet and the tools to manage those leads once you have them. They give extensive training and great support. They add new services all the time to stay ahead of the competition. Once you try there services you will be a client for life.

  6. Real Geeks Best ALL in ONE solution for agents!

    I have been a Real Geeks success recipient for over five years. I am blown away at the constant technology upgrades added to the system. The team at Real Geeks sincerely has agents best interest in mind. Real Geeks truly is an all in one solution. Easy to use and always progressing!

  7. Real Geeks Rock!!!

    This website and the company behind it is awesome!!!! The tech people behind the scene are always there to answer your questions. Plenty of training and I get leads on my site all the time. It’s exciting to get a new lead that gets text to me immediately after someone has been inquiring about a property. What’s weird is how many leads come back over and over again to look at houses. Even some of those leads I don’t nurture that I don’t take the time to nurture. I guess they love the looks of the site. Closed two deals this year off of my real geeks capture email function. And I am not even using it to the fullest yet.
    Real geeks also has a private Facebook group and the owners will jump on there to answer your questions when you need help. They also ask for input on the private Facebook site for members and then go to town working on things we ask for. Webinars are done all the time to give us tips on how to maximize our website functionality and how to nurture the leads that come in.
    Try real geeks. They are reasonably priced too. You will love them.

  8. Why We Love Real Geeks

    We are so blessed to have found Jeff Manson. We have been with RealGeeks since 2011 and the leads have never stopped coming in. It feels good to have a website that delivers a great customer experience. I highly recommend them for many reasons. With RealGeeks you get a site that can rank very well, great customer service, and a team that is always adding new features. Awesome!

    James Gonzales

  9. Revolutionary

    Real Geeks is Awesome all around! Easy to use and always looking for ways to improve. Jeff Manson doesn’t stop adding to this wonderful program. Customer Service is second to none. Very quick to respond and always there to help! Clients love and the backend is very user friendly.

  10. Best bang for my buck

    Real Geeks has been the best investment in my business. The continued improvements and stellar support keep me coming back.

  11. Love Realgeeks!

    THE best Web platform hands down. Love the flexibility, lead management tools and ability to view team activities and agent follow up.

  12. Boom who? Fugettaboutit.

    The fastest and best supported leadgen/idx solution out there. Recently added Zapier support, so integration with other systems is cake, if you need them. Leads from other sources like Zillow, done. Seller lead page, check. Blog, got it. Agent landing pages, yep. Constantly adding new features that matter and make money, like monthly market reports, and lender lead routing.

    Support team is seriously smart. Added Facebook pixel tracking, Google analytics, javascript code we needed for a marketing automation tool integration, answers our sometimes dumb questions. All included, no nickle and dime charges.

    But my FAVORITE feature? Bulletproof reliability.

  13. Simply the Best!

    Best leadgen/IDX website! My customers love the ease of use. I love the fantastic training and support. This is the best investment I have made in the 13 years I have been in the business.

  14. Without peer in our industry.

    Real Geeks Agent package is without Peer in the industry. The support is the best I have experienced. They really care.

  15. Why I love Real Geeks!

    I love Real Geeks! I have had it for almost 2 years. My clients love it. They always tell me they love to search for homes on my website. Customer service is second to none. Very Responsive. Continually improving the website. Great lead management tools also.

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