Diverse Solutions

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Diverse Solutions

Diverse Solutions helps to seamlessly integrate IDX content with your WordPress site and provide the most advanced property search tools to visitors. Also included are calls to action and user registration which provide for excellent lead generation. IDX has never been easier.

2 reviews

  1. Not Responsive, Not Reliable

    This used to be the best, but so many gaps now. It’s not naively responsive. Their mapping and idx plugin tools are not integrated creating a poor consumer experience – and their mapping tool is iframed – not responsive, at all. Worse than all of this, the product is not stable with lots of outages. The company does not engage it’s customer base. I understand they may be re-engineering the entire product, but for now, I would stay away.

  2. Good, could be great.

    It does have it’s issues as Bruce pointed at. We’ve been using it for 3 years and there have been annoying outages we’ve had to deal with, but I still think it’s a good option for WordPress sites because of it’s SEO capabilities. It will be interesting to see what happens when they roll out their new look.

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